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Latina Morena Tote Bag

Latina Morena Tote Bag

Introducing our Latina Morena tote bag, a bold expression of Latina pride and the beauty of being brown. Embrace your heritage and showcase your confidence with this striking tee that celebrates the vibrant essence of a morena Latina woman. With its empowering message and eye-catching design, this tote bag celebrates the rich culture that defines us. Stand tall, stand proud, and wear your identity with style. Let the world see the beauty of a Latina Morena!

โ€ข Premium large tote bag
โ€ข 100% certified organic cotton
โ€ข Weight: 8 oz/ydยฒ (272 g/mยฒ)
โ€ข 20โ€ณ ร— 14โ€ณ ร— 5โ€ณ (50.8 ร— 35.6 ร— 12.7 cm)
โ€ข Capacity: 6 gallons (23 l)
โ€ข 1โ€ณ ร— 25โ€ณ (2.5 ร— 63.5 cm) dual straps
โ€ข Flat bottom
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